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Thumb Drive Audible Books by Michael Mathiesen

NOW, it's time for SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT - Don't waste time in your car.

Listen to these great books while driving in your car.  You might as well learn something - right?

  •  -  The God Particle Bible
  •  -  The 4 States of Consciousness
  •  -  The Force Equation
  •  -  The Origin of Creation
  •  -  Anti-Matter
  •  -  Metamorphosis - #AICocoon
  •  -  The Future of Cars
  •  -  Autonomous Government
  •  -  Someone Completely New
  •  -  The Green New Deal
Why Pay $10 to $20 Each when you can now get all of the Top Ten Best New Science Audible Books by Michael Mathiesen for only $19.95 -


From this experience, you will dive deep into the latest scientific discoveries and make the successive leaps of mind that emanate from Cosmic Consciousness and are all ours to share.

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