Introduction to Anti-Matter


What you are about to read is both a love story and a Science Fiction adventure through an area of the universe with which you may already be familiar, but on a subconscious level only. You may not be familiar with anti-matter on a personal level yet, but all of us, like it or not have had encounters with an amount of Anti-Matter that can vary from the tiniest of specks to large clouds of it that hangs over your life for days, months or even years. 

Anti-matter is the opposite of the matter that we are all made of and which the Earth and the sun and everything we know is made of. Anti-matter has the opposite charge of matter and the opposite spin and so when anti-matter and matter encounter each other, they both annihilate one another.

As a Science and Science Fiction author my personal encounters with anti-matter that impacted my life inspired me to write this book because I discovered in my research that Anti-matter has been the single greatest influencer of my life, bar none. Whenever you expect an outcome in life say, for hard work, patience, and dedication to the cause, and the fruits of that labor are denied to you, it's my opinion that it's not "bad luck", but anti-matter that got in the way of attaining your prize, the normal outcome from all that hard work, patience and dedication.

On a larger scale, whenever we humans enter into world wars and major economic debacles, we can almost always put this down to the impact of Anti-matter on our society as a whole as well as on all individuals.

Anti-matter is so minute, so subtle that it has never been recognized as the true cause of all the conflict, chaos strife and trouble in the world. And today these things are at their zenith. Anti-Matter's impact is always on the sub-atomic level. However, in my earlier works, I think I have proven the fact that most if not all of our thoughts, deeds and actions all start out at the sub-atomic level and this is where all problems with Anti-Matter begin.

I've written this as a love story as the central part of this book because as we all know, it's a very fine line that separates love from hate. It's so fine that it's less than a trillionth of a trillionth the diameter of a human hair. This is exactly the space in which Anti-matter is the most comfortable and the most effective but its downfall is that it is exposed here at these levels. We only have to monitor our lives carefully to know its full impact.

To put it simply, Anti-matter comes out of the anti-universe and when it hits you, it produces the opposite events of what you expected, or the anti-universe and there is no escape. By the time you finish this book, I can practically guarantee that you will know how to recognize when you are in the proper universe and when anti-matter is dragging you over to the other universe, the one that is not the one you expected, hoped for, dreamed about or wanted.

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