Thursday, October 25, 2018

New Autonomous Government - Suggested by Science Fiction - AVAILABLE NOW ~!

Anti-Matter Science Fiction Predicted the Autonomous Government

The Face Of the new Robot Government - IF we want to.

We use artificial intelligence in our cars to drive us to our destinations safely, quickly and efficiently.  Why not use this same technology to get our society to its destination safely, quickly and efficiently too?

In my previous work - AntiMatter - one of my main characters, who is riding around in a driver-less car, asks his friend if we have driver-less cars - why not leader-less Government or an 
Autonomous Government

The idea grabbed me by the soul and I set about to explore the possibilities.  Immediately a woman's face who would be the Interface of the new government jumped into my existence as if the universe was showing me the future.  Whenever I explain this completely new and original concept - Letting Robots Run the World - people INITIALLY think I'm crazy.  That's OK, because I already knew that.  
But, when I explain how Human leadership over the course of my own lifetime and theirs has dragged us to the brink of total extinction of all life on this planet - they begin to open their minds and then Alterra's face means something more to them, almost as if she is speaking to us from the FUTURE of MANKIND ~!

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