Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Press Release - Anti-Matter - New Science Fiction Book For All Ages

Contact: Michael Mathiesen
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Michael Mathiesen Author and Publisher of ANTI-MATTER released his new Science Fiction Book on Amazon.  Both a love story and a thrilling ride through the windings of two possible universes caused by the interaction of ordinary matter, stuff we're all made of, and anti-matter, stuff we all want to avoid.  Anti-Matter, it seems can make us healthy or ill, break our hearts or fill them with love and joy, makes us rich or poor, well-fed or hungry, happy or sad, it is a story that everyone of all ages will enjoy. 

Anti-Matter was discovered in 1932 by Carl Anderson who saw their tracks in a cloud chamber.  He won the Nobel prize for this discovery.  Luckily Anti-Matter exists in the universe in small quantities because whenever it comes into contact with any other kind of matter, the stuff that we encounter every day, like air, water, other people, cars, trucks, houses, viruses, cancer cells, wood,  smart phones, etc, both matter and anti-matter annihilate each other.  The book - Anti-Matter is the first Science Fiction adventure into this realm of Anti-Matter that comes from outer space and causes our lives to jump from one universe to the other.

"According to Paul Dirac winner of the Nobel Prize for his confirmation of Anti-Matter's existence, half the universe could be made out of the kind of matter we have here on the Earth, and the other half of the universe could be made from the opposite kind of matter or anti-matter.  The two universes might be bumping into each other every day and impacting events in our own individual lives in ways we can not even imagine - until now."  Michael Mathiesen

Although the existence of Anti-Matter has now been confirmed in hundreds of experiments around the world, including the Large Hadron Collider run by CERN and the Bevatron, at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, there's never been a complete and thorough examination of how anti-matter can interfere with ordinary life on any given planet.  As a Science Fiction book, Anti-Matter is the first entertaining look at exactly how the interaction of ordinary events and events produced by the opposite forces in the universe can make us all crazy.

Looking at the world through the lens of this most important of all scientific research, the author explores the many ways that matter and anti-matter can interact to make things happen in our daily lives. Lucky for us, anti-matter seems to be limited to only a small fraction of the universe that we know, composed of regular matter.  For if there was much more of the stuff laying around, the universe would not exist, having annihilated itself eons ago.  However, recent events around the world may be indicators that Anti-Matter is currently hitting us as a large and destructive storm moving rapidly all around the world to produce massive unrest, social imbalance and injustice, wars, pestilence, plagues and ignorance on a massive and unprecedented scale.

Our only defense may be in how we act as individuals to resist the temptation to go over to what others have called - 'The Dark Side' of the Force.  Just as Star Wars captured our imaginations, Anti-Matter may capture much more.  It may capture the hearts and minds of millions, change the fate of those millions, change the fate of the world.

Since the time that Anti-Matter was discovered almost one hundred years ago, few of us really took it seriously.  Considering major events taking place all around the world today, the book Anti-Matter, a fast and easy read, a Science Fiction thriller clearly demonstrates the important role that anti-matter plays in our every day lives.


Word Count =  604

ABOUT:  Michael Mathiesen is the author of hundreds of scientific articles and books such as, The God Particle Bible, The Origin of Creation, The 4 States of Consciousness, Maxtricity - The Science of Entangled Electrons, Can Electrons Learn, The Flux Antenna, Metamorphosis - #AICocoon, and his latest work, Anti-Matter.

Contact:  Michael Mathiesen, 831-212-4746 - Info@AntiMatterBook.com

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